Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is more than just a visual inspection of your commercial kitchen equipment or heating and air conditioning systems. Our Preventive Maintenance Contracts include a system test, where applicable, for proper operation so that defects can be detected before the failure of the equipment takes place. The objective of a Preventive Maintenance Program is to prevent unexpected functional failure. This objective can be accomplished by maintaining proper operations – replacing necessary parts when they show wear, lubricating on schedule and cleaning on schedule. Faulty operation, failing parts, or lack of lubrication can create equipment failure that will in turn, cause an unscheduled loss of equipment, unscheduled loss of production, or the unscheduled loss or use of an area in the facility. Many times these failures necessitate major repairs and lead to more expensive emergency service work that can cause a loss of sales.

A simple refrigerant pipe leak undetected for a short period can cause loss of refrigerant, equipment failure or even compressor failure.

A simple loose wire connection that goes undetected can cause sparks, fire, the constant blowing of fuses or even worse – a premature equipment failure. Studies show that Heating and Cooling units in commercial facilities run approximately 2,000 hrs/yr – the equivalent of driving a car 60,000 miles per year. You wouldn’t drive your car 60,000 miles without changing the oil would you? A Preventive Maintenance program is like changing the oil in your car according to the manufacturer’s recommendation for maximum performance.

Benefits Of A Preventative Maintenance Contract:

  • Lowers your utility costs by keeping your equipment running at peak efficiency

  • Increases the service life of the equipment reducing replacement costs

  • Minimizes emergency and unplanned repair costs

  • Insures your status as a PRIORITY CUSTOMER during emergencies to minimize downtime

  • Eliminates overtime charges on nights and weekends

Features Of A Preventative Maintenance Contract Include:

  • Inspecting and cleaning the condenser coil for its heat transfer and dust/dirt accumulation

  • Inspecting and cleaning Fans and Blowers to insure proper air delivery to system

  • Inspecting and testing refrigerant pressures and to assure the system is leak free

  • Inspecting and testing the amperage of the compressors/motors for maximum productivity

  • Check exposed duct for leaks and proper insulation

  • Adjust or replace belts and pulleys for better performance

  • Test thermostat setting and calibrate to maintain proper temperature in the conditioned space

  • Lubricate motors and bearings to avoid friction losses

  • Test controls and safety switches

  • Test the heating system for proper operation

  • Inspect all relays and contacts where possible

  • Inspect the evaporator coil and clean if necessary

  • Inspect blower motor and its amps rating. Compare rating to original settings

For more information on how our preventative maintenance plan, we encourage you to contact us via our web form below or by calling 814-643-2645.