A Solid Kitchen Means a Solid Install

Commercial Refrigeration System Installation

If your business sells, prepares, or serves food, you need a dependable system for commercial refrigeration! These systems keep your inventory in proper containment and at safe temperatures. Since commercial refrigeration systems keep your company’s food safe and protected, they also play an important role in protecting your investment.

Our team of professional commercial refrigeration technicians understands all influencing factors that affect your equipment. We know that that your commercial kitchen equipment installation include several components that fit together to meet the demands of your company. After all, the makeup of a commercial refrigeration system can be as distinctive as your business. From refrigerators and freezers to ice makers, beer systems, and stand-alone cool rooms, refrigeration systems vary considerably and our team is prepared!

Having so many years in the commercial equipment industry, particularly restaurants, you also understand that each piece of refrigeration equipment must meet certain specifications to meet food safety requirements. Many areas have code enforcement in which all install jobs must abide. These are to protect your facility, employees, equipment, and, last but not least, the customers. Not only do refrigerators and cool rooms need to support certain temperature ranges, but they also have to offer specific levels of humidity. Without this level of humidity control, your refrigeration system might not meet health and safety requirements.

A professional install has many moving parts. Our crew is the most qualified for your commercial kitchen equipment. Not only will our experienced team put each refrigeration element in place, but we’ll also calibrate the temperature and humidity controls. We also make sure that the electrical connections meet your company’s demands and work with the commercial space.

Commercial Hot Side System Installation

In the food service industry, refrigeration is important, but it isn’t everything. With commercial kitchens, hot side equipment is as important as your cooling systems.

Like commercial refrigeration systems, hot side equipment requires professional installation. After all, installing professional-grade ovens, ranges, and grills in your commercial kitchen isn’t the same as plugging in a new kitchen set at home. If you don’t get the temperature settings correct at home, the worst that will happen is that dinner might be an hour late. In a restaurant, poorly calibrated hot side equipment can have serious consequences. Your customers might experience long wait times and negative reviews, or you could have wasted inventory and inconsistent food temperatures. Either way, this risk isn’t one your food service establishment needs to take.

When your business is at stake, you need the experience and skill that a team like ours can offer. Our years of commercial food service work have shown us how complicated oven, grill, and range installations can be. When you need your hot side equipment to work with your refrigeration system, you need to hire the same professional installer for all of your commercial kitchen equipment.

Our team understands how to make these systems work side by side while keeping them running efficiently and lowering your company’s overall energy consumption. With an energy-efficient commercial kitchen, you’ll save money, work faster, and make the most of your food service equipment.

Commercial Ventilation System Installation

As the unsung heroes of any restaurant kitchen, commercial ventilation systems are essential components for your business! If you’ve spent much time in a commercial kitchen, you know how hot and stuffy the space can get. Ventilation systems keep the air flowing by exhausting hot, humid air and drawing in fresh, clean air. By doing so, they keep your restaurant safe, your staff healthy and your air fresh.

Like your refrigeration and hot side equipment, your ventilation system is distinctive to your business. Most commercial ventilation systems are also highly customized to meet the needs of your food service business while working around the limitations of the building. Creating a ventilation system that also reduces your operational costs, lowers your energy consumption, and meets all relevant building codes isn’t an easy task. But it’s one that our experienced team of ventilation technicians can do.

You’ll do your business a favor when you hire our professional team to install not only your hot side and refrigeration equipment, but also your ventilation system, too. When we install a complete commercial kitchen, we strive for kitchen efficiency and fluidity. We’ll ensure that the kitchen hoods, exhaust fans, and supply fans run and that the ovens, grills, refrigerators, and cool rooms stay to temperature.