You Don’t Think About Commercial Generators Until You Need Them

Every business could benefit from owning a commercial generator! Do not be left behind in a time of need. Backup generators can keep your business running when disaster strikes or when the area power grid fails. If this happens this leaves the business, not in control. With a functioning generator on sight makes your business have the ultimate competitive edge – being able to perform whenever no one else can. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) claim that 40% of businesses never reopen after a disaster. Do not be a statistic, have a backup generator in your place of business. Just keeping your IT systems running will prevent financial collapse or information loss.

Commercial Generator Restores Power in Seconds

Modern generators can start in a matter of seconds, and there are models that can connect to your businesses LP or natural gas lines. These ‘smart’ systems that will work automatically, whether you are there or not. All of your business’s hard-wired systems will automatically turn back on in mere seconds, including your computers, security systems, freezers, AC, heat, and other vital operating equipment.

Your Data and Security Systems Are Protected

Combined with a backup service for your data devices, your computers, and other data devices will not suffer any damage if your power fails! This is crucial to maintaining business in times of uncertainty. Many businesses see computer damage when the power fails, and it often affects their web hosting services as well. Data loss and server malfunctioning are not what you want to be dealing with. Businesses that offer 24-hour services or employees that work online at all hours need security that your office is running. An emergency commercial power supply is a necessity.

Protect Your Revenue Stream and Inventory

Having a backup power supply means you are protecting your revenue stream by eliminating any downtime for your business no matter what the conditions are. You are also able to save inventory, such as frozen or heated products, as well as other items that rely on climate control.

Without commercial generators, a power outage could lead to a serious loss of revenue and could potentially damage your brand’s reputation. Joseph T. Berrena Mechanicals factory authorized for Generac, Kohler, Champion, Cummins, and others! Not only do we sell America’s top manufacturers, but we also provide preventive maintenance contracts for your commercial and residential generators. We also sell and service residential and mobile/RV generators.