Warning Signs That Your Walk-In Cooler or Freezer Needs Serviced

Managing a facility that has a walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer, commercial refrigeration and other commercial cold side equipment is a long list of equipment to maintain and ensure if running properly. Preventative maintenance is the most important routine to sustain to ensure longevity of your equipment.

For example, having a walk-in cooler or freezer that is not running inefficiently can cost your facility a fortune. JTBM offers Preventative Maintenance to not only better prevent these situations but to ensure your equipment is properly monitored, cleaned, and running efficiently. This saves stress on the equipment and, more importantly, yourself! Below are 6 warning signs that you need to repair your walk-in cooler or freezer:

1. Wear & Tear to the Doors

Inspect the doors to your walk-in cooler for a worn seal. This damage can hurt your cooler as well as your wallet. Air can leak out and require your cooler or freezer to continuously run to maintain temperature.

2. Bizarre Noises

If you hear your equipment trying to talk to you in its ‘mechanical clunking’ language, then you need someone who speaks it fluently! Buzzing and metal on metal clinking are classic noises that should show cause for concern.

3. Temperature Unpredictability

If you notice that your walk-in cooler or freezer has a hard time maintaining a consistent temperature, you need someone check on your system. Most walk-in coolers/freezers have technology sensors that alert you if the temperature rises to a certain level. Monitor these signals! If you have questions on what to look for, our expert technicians are trained to identify many warning signs.

4. Frost and Condensation Build Up

If you notice frost or ice buildup in places where you think shouldn’t in your walk-in cooler, then there could be a serious issue. Evaporator coils will begin to frost and, depending on the severity of the build-up, could take hours for a technician to clean.

5. Water Leaks

If you notice wet floors in around your walk-in cooler this mean a damaged seal. The seal could be ripped or, if hardened, means it is aged. Nevertheless, this causes serious efficiencies and cannot be left untreated.

6. Strange Smells

If the coolant leaks then you may notice a strange smell. Leaks like this are usually found if your cooler or freezer is old/outdated and will start to burn causing an odor. Think about upgrading your equipment. Those bad seals we have been talking about could be the result of food spoilage odors!